Redback 120V Lithium Ion Electric Chainsaw Kit – 18 Inch

Redback 120V Lithium Ion Electric Chainsaw Kit – 18 Inch

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  • Redback 120V Lithium Ion Electric Chainsaw Kit
  • Includes Lithium Ion Chainsaw, a 2.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery, 1A Battery Charger
  • 18″ cutting length
  • Tool-less chain tensioning
  • Oversize handle and trigger
  • Weighs 12.5 lbs without battery (16.5 lbs with 2Ah battery).
  • Estimated run times: 35 minutes/2.0Ah battery, 45 minutes/3.0Ah

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Feel the power of 120-Volts! Experience the power and fast cutting speed of the Redback 120V 18″ Lithium Ion Electric Chainsaw. Packed with features including a brushless motor that senses the optimal sawing speed so it won’t get bogged down in tougher areas. Built-in smart technology maximizes run time, motor life, and battery charge, using only the power needed for the task at hand. With a 2000 rpm chain speed and 18″ bar length, the Redback 120V Lithium Ion Chainsaw is perfect for any job. For added safety, it features an electrical and mechanical brake and an over-sized trigger for gloved operation. Also features a tool-less chain tensioner to save you time and effort. Not to mention, an easy to access chain oil refill. No more mixing oil and gas – just add your battery and go!

The kit includes everything you need to get started: the electric chainsaw, 2.0Ah battery, and battery charger. Weighs only 12.5 lbs without the battery, and 16.5 lbs with a 2.0Ah battery. The Redback chainsaw is perfect for those smaller trees and branches. Additional Specs: Chain Pitch: 3/8″, Chain Speed (mps): 12, Drive Links: 62, Gauge: 0.05, Max Torque: 2.9 Nm. Estimated run times: 35 minutes/2.0Ah battery, 45 minutes/3.0Ah battery. Backed by a 5 Year Limited Warranty / 1 Year Warranty on Battery.



  1. Seems to have good power and cut good. Have only used it briefly yet. A little on the heavy side ,chain speed is a little slow and the chain tensioner is easy to use but not sure how it will stand up over time. Over all a nice saw.

  2. Very impressed with this chainsaw. Comparable to a 40 – 45cc gas saw? Have used to to cut a variety of woods, up to the full 18″, but normally smaller wood. Able to cut a full face cord of silver maple on a single 2A battery, when a neighbor lost an 18″ diameter limb in a storm. Quiet, easy to start, very convenient.

  3. very good saw

  4. Good power and good battery life for a battery-powered chainsaw. I liked it so much I have purchased a second one.

  5. I’ve bough both the blower and the 18″ bar 120 volt chainsaw used them both a lot so far the saw is an excellent saw I put it up against my gas ones any day

  6. wow very good chain saw

  7. wow very good chain saw

  8. This saw is great! I love not having to mess with mixing gas to use it. I like it so much that I have given away my gas powered saw.

  9. i bought one from your dealer on ebay
    and i realy like it redback 120 volt chain saw
    and id like to buy more chain saws when you get more in stock please email me

  10. very nice saw i love it

  11. best 120 volt chain saw i ever used

  12. very nice well built chain saw
    need more love them saws
    how much for 5 saws

  13. need more chain saws any discount if i buy 5 or more

  14. I change my rating after 6 charge cycles my battery no longer works. Will not charge plus company will not help or answer emails

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