About Us

Redback Power – This Is Our Story

Let’s bust some myths about landscaping. People believe that electric tools don’t really provide enough power to get the job done. FALSE. There is a common misconception that gas-powered tools are better. That’s FALSE too. Innovative and robust electric landscaping tools have been neglected by most of today’s companies. That’s where Redback comes in.

Essential Tools For The Modern Landscaper.

After performing extensive research, we found that by using 120 volts for electric landscaping tools we are able to produce more power and achieve the longest run times in the industry. As a better alternative for modern landscapers, Redback empowers the accomplishment of bigger projects. We made clean design and ease-of-use top priority to attain ultimate comfortability and keen dependability.

Backyards Deserve Innovative Power Equipment Too!

Based right here in Colorado, we are a group of product designers and developers who have one simple goal. To give every backyard the opportunity to look fresh, sharp and attractive without spending a fortune. That’s why we decided to develop and produce a unique line of eco-friendly and innovative backyard tools guaranteed to solve any outdoor tasks!

The Redback Experience.

What we offer you is not only tenacious design, performance and extremely competitive prices, we offer you a truly unique experience. By choosing Redback for your outdoor projects, you can rest assured that you will save precious time, valuable effort and most of all your hard-earned money.

You Are The Reason We Are In Business.

Redback products and services are 100% project-oriented. You can find a solution to almost any project issue within our extensive product line. Additionally, our personal, happy and friendly customer service specialists are here to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

You Deserve To Have Mountain-Friendly Tools!

Designed by mountain men for mountain men, our products are sure to handle the loftiest of tasks with performance that is sure to impress. Plus, your friends, family and neighbors will absolutely love how sophisticated and well-groomed your yard will look!

Can You Afford To Miss Out On This Opportunity?